My top 3 “must-have” writer goodies (aka ultimate writing resources!)

I’m super excited about Write Publish Profit 5.0

That’s because I think this might be the BEST thing to happen to writers since Amazon launched KDP in November 2007.

Valued at more than $6,500+ Write Publish Profit 5.0 is filled to the brim with 50+ premium tools to help writers write with skill and self-publish with confidence.

And let me just say:

This lineup is STACKED.

But because I know you’re busy, and you may not have time to look at all 50+ products in the lineup…

…I’ve decided to highlight my Top 3 MUST-HAVES from this bonanza of writing and self-publishing goodies every writer should have.

Must-Have #1. How To Write Your Novel ($497 Value)

Especially for writers who have started a novel but are finding it hard to keep the momentum. It’s perfect for anyone who’s done some writing in the past, is ready to move to the next step and truly connect with their creativity, and unleash their potential.

The proven 4-step guide to help busy beginners write their first novel.

Must-Have #2. Rock Self-Pub School ($393 Value)

Great for new authors (including NaNoWriMers) who are trying to finish a novel or authors with a bit of experience who want to improve their craft and write more commercially. When you finish, you’ll have a solid plot for your novel, an outline or first draft, a plan on how you’re going to get the writing done, and a deeper understanding of craft and commercial fiction writing.

Write a character-driven, action-packed, world-changing novel readers will love.

Must-Have #3. The 21-Day Bestselling Author Platform ($97 Value)

Attract the right readers to you naturally and build a system that sells your books on autopilot, so you can get back to writing. And with a well-built author platform you can use as your marketing machine you can make this a reality in just three short weeks.

Build a powerful author platform to launch your bestseller in just 3 weeks.

So there it is.

Those are my top 3 “must haves.”

What are yours?

Check out the other 50+ premium writing and self-publishing tools & products — a total value of $6,500+

This time next year your book could be in the hands of readers! Don’t let this chance pass you by!


P.S. I’m sharing Write Publish Profit 5.0 as an affiliate, so when you use my link to buy, I’ll get a small percentage of the proceeds at no extra expense to you. Because I know you trust me to come to you with great deals and products, I take my recommendations seriously and I only promote products I use and love and Write Publish Profit 5.0 is no exception! This is a bundle I think both aspiring and published writers will want to have.