Month: November 2022

My review (it might surprise you)….

My review (it might surprise you)….

If you’ve been or are a student of mine, then you know I always give it to you straight.

Today is no different.

If you’ve thought about buying Writer’s Craft 4.0, then you’re going to want to read every word of this email…

I’m going to tell you EXACTLY what I think about this bundle of products, and I promise not to hold anything back.

First off, a little background: let’s talk about what Writer’s Craft 4.0 is and what it does for you…

Writer’s Craft 4.0 is a collection of premium products, curated to help creators with their content – from beginning creators just getting started, to experts who want system improvement so they can scale their businesses.

One of the stack’s top contributors really impressed me:

Michael La Ronn is the award-winning, bestselling author of over 80 science fiction & fantasy novels and self-help books for writers. 

He runs the popular YouTube channel, Author Level Up, where he publishes weekly advice videos for writers. Author Level Up has over 40,000 subscribers and nearly 2 million lifetime views. It was also voted one of Writer’s Digest Best Websites for Authors in 2022.

Michael has been featured on popular podcasts such as The Creative Penn and The Self-Publishing Formula, and he has been a guest speaker at 20Books Vegas, Inkers Con, and Writer’s Digest conferences, to name a few.

Michael’s book, The Self-Publishing Advice Compendium, packs over 500 practical and concise lessons, that will help you with writing, publishing, and marketing your book.

Micheal’s book stood out to me because of his credentials, but I’ve been through the lineup of partners in this Super Stack, and all of them were impressive.


With so many products in this Super Stack, you might realize they aren’t all for you.

And that’s okay!

The point of this bundle is to give you an “all you can eat buffet” of creative writing tools, training, and resources…

You get to decide where you want to start.

To help you out, here are my suggestions:


Struggling with characters? Start here…

Fixing Your Character and Point of View Problems by Janice Hardy. Solve your character-related issues so that readers fall in love!

Create Compelling Characters by Devlin Blake. Learn how to develop characters readers can’t get enough of. This course shows you how to get to the heart of your character FAST, so you can go back to writing the fun part of your book.

The Essential Fantasy Writing Course by Richie Billing. Create lifelike fantasy characters that feel alive. This one is a MUST if you’re writing fantasy! Otherwise you can safely give it a pass.

A Bitesize Lesson on Crafting Complex Characters by Maame Blue. Write characters that come off the page with these writing exercises, top tips and a book excerpt that demonstrates the lessons.

And yes, a little shameless self-promotion here, a product by yours truly-

Time-starved? You’ll want to focus on these for fast results

Nailed It, Writing a Novel in 30 Days Planner and Workbook by Susan Palmquist. Anytime you want to write a story fast (eg. NaNoWriMo), this should be your go-to workbook.

WriteAway! By Sherry Ward. Go from writer’s block to writer’s flow and complete your manuscript with this game-changing planning system.

Finish Your Novel Faster – How to Gamify Your Writing Life by Greta Boris & Megan Haskell. Build a writing habit, get in the flow, and gamify the process so that your book gets written even if you struggle to find time and stay focused.

The Verdict

As you can see, you don’t need all 36 products in Writer’s Craft 4.0.

There’s an almost overwhelming amount of products in this bundle.

Fortunately, all you need to do is pick one or two to start with — and you can save the rest for later!

Without hesitation, I’d recommend Writer’s Craft 4.0 to any of my students. I only wish something like this had been around when I was a struggling writer.

And for just $49?

It’s a no-brainer.

Follow this link-full disclosure, it’s my affiliate one and I will be compensated if you make a purchase-


Will you reach your goals?

Will you reach your goals?

It’s that time of year again when retailers start bombarding us with ads for Black Friday sales. And just like every other year, we’re tempted to spend, spend, spend.

And while it’s tempting to take advantage of all the sales and buy a bunch of stuff we don’t really need, I want to encourage you to think about investing in something that will actually help you reach your goals in 2023 and beyond.

I’m talking about coaching, knowledge, and tools that will help you get ahead and make lasting changes in your life.

So before spending money on things you don’t need, consider investing in your writing craft. Take advantage of the Writer’s Craft 4.0 Black Friday bundle.

It’s the best investment you can make!

If you want to plan, organize, write and polish a book like a pro this year, this is your chance to get:

  • An advanced writing platform stuffed with tools to make your writing and editing easier and faster, plus keep your characters, story arc, and world organized so you can publish your book like a pro

  • Genre-specific writing techniques for fantasy, kidlit, non-fiction, to series writing, to screenplays and memoirs…

  • Lifetime access to 5 chart-topping writing craft books, 20 top-rated, comprehensive ecourses and masterclasses, and so much more

Follow this link to buy something that really can help you reach your goals in 2023

(full disclosure, it’s my affiliate link and I will be compensated if you make a purchase)


P.S. If consistency is a struggle for you, you aren’t alone. MANY creators wrestle with it. Some of them have even perfected systems, and are sharing them with us for an unbeatable BF deal. Make sure you have a look at Writer’s Craft 4.0 because I know those experts will be able to help you.

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

I wanted to take a moment today to express my gratitude for you.

I know many people are going through tough times right now, and yes, been there, done that many times. However, did you know tough times can make your writing stronger, too?

And that’s why I’m so excited about Writer’s Craft 4.0.

This (kind of insane) Black Friday writing deal contains products that share insider secrets you won’t easily find anywhere else, including:

  • Donna Sozio’s Write a Better Book in Less Time. Learn insider publishing secrets that run the entire publishing, media, and entertainment industries. 
  • Megan Zavala’s Author Power Pack. Discover the #1 mistake that most authors are making without even realizing it (and what you can do to take your writing to the next level).

And there’s a TON more inside this bundle…

You just have to check it out for yourself.

Here’s to becoming a stronger writer.

Buy you copy here and yes, I’m an affiliate so I will be compensated if you make a purchase.


Happy Thanksgiving,

P.S. Writer’s Craft 4.0 is only available for a limited time.