If you’re going to write a book…

Many writers don’t want to write a book for profit.

They start writing because they have…

…a story idea they can’t shake.

…a world experience that must be shared.

…an idea that could help thousands of people.

So they write. Because they can’t not write.

Inevitably along the way though, most writer’s minds do turn to thoughts of…

‘What if I could earn some money from this?’ or

‘What if I could quit my day job?’ or even

‘What if I could retire my spouse??’

I mean, if you’re going to write a book, why shouldn’t you earn some income from it?

There are four specific products included in Writer’s Craft 4.0 that will help you turn your book into a revenue generating income stream.

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Save money by avoiding common mistakes. If you want to save money before you even publish, you’ll need to know what common mistakes cost authors tens of thousands of dollars. Read The Self-Publishing Advice Compendium by Michael La Ronn, and enjoy sneaky marketing advice AND tax tips along with those common money-sucking mistakes.

Yes, you started writing because you have to write, so why not generate a profit from your book as well? 

I’m sharing Writer’s Craft 4.0 as an affiliate, which means if you go through my link to purchase I’ll receive a small percentage of the proceeds at no extra expense to you.

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