Brandon Sanderson – heard of him?

Last March something incredible happened.

Fiction author Brandon Sanderson ran the most successful campaign in Kickstarter history.

He ended up with 185,341 backers pledging $41,754,153.

Just to make sure you caught that…

That’s $41 MILLION dollars (USD).

I remember, when this campaign was live, that there was a lot of talk about whether Kickstarter was a good way to promote books, and about what he was going to DO with all that money, etc.

But that wasn’t the part I paid attention to.

I was focused on the part where he said he’d written four secret novels in about a year.

Four. Secret. Novels. IN ONE YEAR.

That’s in addition to his teaching, podcasting, cons, traveling etc.

Brandon is incredibly busy, so how did he make that happen??

The answer is in his commitment to writing consistently, prioritizing his time appropriately, and staying organized.

Lucky for you, I have just the set of tools and resources that can help YOU do the same:

In Writer’s Craft 4.0, you’ll find a bucketload of writing productivity products, like:

Emily Tamayo Maher’s Maximize Your Writing Time

Here’s what one of her students had to say about it.

“My biggest problem was understanding how to finish my book. I kept on writing new books instead of seeing the whole process through. I had started writing several books and really wanted to start my journey as an author, but had no idea what was preventing me from making it happen.

Emily really understands the journey a creative person goes through when they are trying to transform ideas into a book that someone can read, understand and enjoy. Emily helps you get through the blocks that stop you from finishing your book. Now, I see what was blocking me and all that’s involved in the book writing process.”

– Tracy Durrant, United Kingdom

Or another great place to start is:

Jeff Leisawitz’s Not F*ing Around: The No Bullsh*t Guide for Getting Your Creative Dreams Off the Ground

Here’s what one reader had to say about it.

“As someone who has spent the last year focusing on self-growth, and looking for inspiration to get out of my own way to make my creative dreams come true, this book was just what I needed! A slap you in the face, drench you with ice water, sound the alarm, blow your mind wake up call we all need. Great read. Fun cartoons. Witty truth (my favorite kind). Ya gotta read this book!”

– Michele S

Or take a look at:

Mari L. McCarthy’s 12 Day Guide To Morning Pages

Here’s what one reader had to say about it.

“This is a very useful book…helping you learn how to be more in control of your destiny.”

– Michael H.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

You’ll also find writing software that will speed up your writing, tools for consistently hitting your daily word count (if that’s your goal), and resources that can help you stay FOCUSED and writing.

Oh, and if you use one of these courses or tools to write a secret novel, in addition to ALL the other things you’re doing, make sure to let me know okay?

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