Publishing Is a Business

Do you keep getting rejections but you know your story and writing has merit?

One of the first lessons in becoming published is, publishing just like anything else is a business. Agents and publishing companies need to make a profit to thrive and survive.

You could have a great writing style and a good story but if it’s something that isn’t hot right now, something they’re not looking for, or maybe it’s a genre or idea that’s been done thousands of time, no matter how good a writer you are, the likely scenario is a rejection letter’s coming your way.

So how do you beat the odds?

First of all, attend conferences, read writing related publications or subscribe to their e-mail newsletters and see what’s getting published and what type of stories agents and editors are currently looking for. Even be bold enough to ask.

Does yours fit into one of those genres? If not, don’t worry, publishing trends come and go and what’s not cold today, could be hot tomorrow.

Second thing, adjust your story to fit what they’re looking for. Have a paranormal story about vampires but vampires are so yesterday? Think of a new being, something completely new that no one will say no to reading it.

Bottom line is think business before creativity and be willing to either wait it out with your great story or adjust it to the current marketplace.

I’ve Written a Manuscript Now What?

Ready to get published

Have you just finished a manuscript but not sure if it’s ready for the eyes of an editor or agent?
Do you have a feeling something’s not working with dialogue or POV?

I’m teaching a workshop for the Outreach Chapter of RWA that addresses those topics and a whole lot more. It runs from April 1st through the 30th and I’d love to ‘see’ you in class so your manuscript can be in tip top shape ready to submit.

Here’s the link if you’d like more information or want to register.

Online Workshops

New Year, New Workshops

Ready to get published

2017 is just around the corner and that means workshop time again. I have a full schedule of teaching and things kick off on Tuesday January 3rd with You’ve Written A Manuscript, Now What?

If you’ve finished writing a book but not sure if it needs some more work or if you just want to give it a final polish, then this workshop is for you. It’s eight lessons which offer you a series of checklists to use to evaluate your book to make it stronger and better.

As well as the lessons, and like all my other workshops taught through Romance Writers of America, you’ll be able to interact with me and your fellow students. I’ll be there to answer questions and help you with any issues you’re having with your story.

This one is offered through the Low Country Chapter and I hope to see you in class.

Here’s the information if you want to sign up-

2017 Online Courses

Here’s wishing everyone a happy and productive 2017.