Teaching Schedule

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All these classes are offered through http://www.oirwa.com/forum/campus/

2020 Schedule

May 6-30
Promoting Your Book Boot Camp
Plotting Your Novel Boot Camp

June, July, August-Summer Writing Retreat
The class is divided into three sections. You can take all three or just one or two depending on your needs and where you’re at with your writing and manuscript.

Section One June 1-26th
Setting goals, getting motivated, setting a writing schedule.
Picking the right genre for you and generating ideas.
Outlining and plotting your story.
Building conflict in your story
Working on creating characters that are perfect for your plot.

Section Two-July 6-31st
Learning how to write realistic and dazzling dialogue.
All about Point of View, what it is, what it isn’t.
Deep POV
How to make your story an emotional read
Narration and Pacing

Section Three-August 3-28th
Fine tuning your manuscript, learn how to up the emotion and conflict and bring your story to its conclusion.
Self-editing and working on a second draft
Common causes for rejection
Writing a synopsis and pitch letter-putting together the perfect submission package
Writing groups, dealing with rejections and living the writing life.
Each section will have lessons posted twice a week, a Q and A time at the end of each section. There will also be assignments and exercises for you to try and each section will have a workbook containing more tips on various topics and space for you to try out some of your newly learned skills.

September 8-30
Writing the Short Story
Promoting Your Book Boot Camp

October 5-30
So, You Want to Self-Publish Boot Camp
Writing a Series or Trilogy

November 3-30
Plotting Your Novel Boot Camp
Writing a Synopsis Boot Camp (2 week class)