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Last Chance To Take That First Step

Last Chance To Take That First Step

Many of us dream about doing something in our lives but few actually do something about it.

I always tell my students they’ve taken that first step by signing up for a class or signing up for my coaching and mentoring program.

If your dream is to be a romance writer then one step you can take today is to purchase The Romance Writers Super Stack.

Today’s the last day to purchase it and after that it’s gone.

When we look back at our lives it’s most often the things we didn’t do rather than the things we did that we regret the most.

I know money is tight for a lot of writers but I do think this is a value packed stack with courses, workbooks, discounts on edting and a whole lot more.

And yes, even my own Writing Your First Romance Novel workshop which if you purchased it by itself would be $75.

You’ll get the whole stock of goodies for just $49.

This is the sort of resource I wish had been around when I started my writing career and you have a money back guarantee too so take that first step to living your dream.

Here’s the link (yes, it’s an affiliate one so I will get a commission if you make a purchase). Check it out and I think you’ll be convinced this is going to get you started on the wonderful journey of romance writing…


Have you thought about writing a romance novel?

Have you thought about writing a romance novel?

Romance novels…

They are one of the best-selling genres, readers usually buy more than one book at a time…being a romance author is almost like being part of recession proof business.

They’re fun to write, but the downside is it’s a competitive genre and you have to include certain elements in order to write a great one that readers will love…and editors will want to buy.

I’ve just revamped my Writing Your First Romance Novel Workshop.

It’s a 12 lesson, self-paced class that you can read and do assignments any time you want. It’ never expires so you can use it for your current novel or future ones too.

Here’s a link to all the details and how you can get your own copy of Writing Your First Romance.