Publishing Is a Business

Do you keep getting rejections but you know your story and writing has merit?

One of the first lessons in becoming published is, publishing just like anything else is a business. Agents and publishing companies need to make a profit to thrive and survive.

You could have a great writing style and a good story but if it’s something that isn’t hot right now, something they’re not looking for, or maybe it’s a genre or idea that’s been done thousands of time, no matter how good a writer you are, the likely scenario is a rejection letter’s coming your way.

So how do you beat the odds?

First of all, attend conferences, read writing related publications or subscribe to their e-mail newsletters and see what’s getting published and what type of stories agents and editors are currently looking for. Even be bold enough to ask.

Does yours fit into one of those genres? If not, don’t worry, publishing trends come and go and what’s not cold today, could be hot tomorrow.

Second thing, adjust your story to fit what they’re looking for. Have a paranormal story about vampires but vampires are so yesterday? Think of a new being, something completely new that no one will say no to reading it.

Bottom line is think business before creativity and be willing to either wait it out with your great story or adjust it to the current marketplace.

Latest Release-Fabulously Frugal

My latest release is a step away from my writing instruction books. Some of you follow me over at my Budget Smart Girl site and know that since 2005 I’ve been blogging and writing on the topic of how to save money while living the good life.

I decided to write some books on the topic and I’ve called the series Fabulously Frugal. The first title is Eating Well Without Going Broke.

It’s published through Amazon’s KDP Select program and right now it’s available for just 99 cents.

I hope you’ll check it out.

Want to Create Great Characters for Your Story?

If you keep getting rejections it might not be your plot that’s the problem but flat and boring characters.
Remember the last good book you read? I’m guessing you enjoyed it because there was at least one character that captured and held your interest. Creating great characters is one of the keys to good fiction and with that in mind I’ve created a short guide titled Write Characters-Creating People Readers Will Love.

It’s available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Smashwords and just 99 cents. I hope you find it useful.